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Temporary Financial Assistance 


Temporary Financial Assistance offered by The American Legion at the National Level. This program was established in 1925 as a form of direct aid to children, the TFA program is still unique in the social work field today.

Through TFA, a Post can call upon the National organization for cash assistance to help maintain the basic needs of veterans’ children. Funds can be granted over temporary period to eligible children when it is determined by investigation that the child is in need and there are no other local resources available to provide the required assistance.

The TFA fund is used to assist families in meeting the cost of shelter, food, utilities and health expense items when the parents are unable to do so, thereby keeping the child or children in a more stable home environment. Remember, this cash assistance is in the form of a grant and, as such, is non-repayable. Normally this is a onetime The American Legion Post of Jasper announces the continuation of the grant; however there is no limit of the grant. Many grants have exceeded $1,500 to $2,000. 

The veteran does not have to be a Legionnaire for the child to be considered eligible, however, the veteran parent must have served honorably in one of the

Armed Forces during a period of armed conflict.

            Any child of a veteran who is unmarried and under the age of 18, whether it is a legitimate child, stepchild, adopted child or illegitimate child (with necessary proof of relationship provided), may qualify. A person, age 18 through 20, may be considered an eligible child if they are:

(1)  Physically handicapped, which necessitates continued special schooling or indefinite special care in the home setting; or (2) enrolled in an approved (high) school.

No child is considered eligible until after the investigation has been completed and it is determined the family is in need; and all other resources have been contacted and nothing is available, or those which are available are inadequate to meet the needs of the children.

The application originates at the Post level and must be investigated by an official of the Post. You may get an application at the Post. If you have any questions call the Post at 482-3862.