The American Legion Post 147



Flag Education Testing Program

The Flag Education Testing program was started in the Department of Indiana in 1996.  By 2023 over 300 elementary schools in the state of Indiana ordered over 28,000 tests and comic books.

The Flag Education Test is to be given in participation elementary schools during the month of November, which is when the tests are issued to the local American Legion Posts.  The test is open to fourth (4) grade students in all public, private, and parochial schools.

Each student participating in the Flag Education Test Program takes the same tests.  The answers on the test are scored agasinst a standardized answer sheet.

The test consists of 20 questions, which vary from multiple choice to true and false.

The following elementary schools in Dubois County participate in the program:  Ireland Elementary School, Jasper Elementary School, Holy Trinity Catholic School, Otwell Miller Academy, and the Dubois Elementary School.

Testing the students will take place throughout the month of November each year. 

The Chariman of the program is, Daniel B Lawson and can be reached by calling 812 661-2440 or 812 482-3862.

The winning girl and boy student of each school will receive a Post Certificate and a American Legion Medal.  Their photos can be viewed in the Photo Gallery section of our website under Flag Testing along with photo's of the classroom testing events.

The top winning students overall will compete at the 8th District Level for additional rewards. If selected as the 8th District winner the student will compete at the Department level for the top award of $1000.